1. I finaly have my own shop!

    And it’s awesome. When I say awesome, it is little bit like giving birth to a child only you find beautiful and gorgeous.

    When you are doing things on the budget you have to make cuts (flooring, wall paint, shelving, etc. - you get my point). I pretty much walked into place and decided it would be better to have super awesome cooler for my flowers, than have my shop look like I want it to look.

  2. Recycled Hanging light bulb vases [VIA]


  3. Problem solved - I got my name !

    Found someone on fiverr.com ! Best $5 I ever spent


  4. Need a name!

    Every decent “florist” name is taken. I do not want to be called “cozy florist” or “lame florist”. Help! Somebody? Anybody? Hello ???


  5. Ever read through the SBA business plan?



  6. Went to a business lecture, bought a lot of books

    And now I’m like



  7. Started making plans…

    … and right now this is how much shop I can afford.


  8. I made a decision to open my own shop, but…



  9. Beginning is easy - to keep going is hard

    I figured now that I survived the end of the world it’s time for me to open my own flower shop. 


    Photo by: Geen fotograaf     Design by: 2 Dezign


  10. When I grow up I’ll be(have) a flower shop